Germany and Poland

“History and Politics group” launched the first chapter of their new lecture series on “Germany and its Neighbors” digitally on 22 April 2021. Poland was the first of the nine neighboring countries to be presented which is the most important neighbor country of Germany in the east.

The former German Ambassador to Poland, Rolf Nikel, who is currently the Vice President of the German Society for Foreign Policy, shared his broad knowledge with the WiB members and gave an interesting, comprehensive review on the current and past issues. He outlined the close affiliation and friendly cooperation between Germany and Poland. Despite the difficult historical past, the relationship between the two country is in fact much better than its critical reputation. He also put emphasis on the importance of the trusting and committed partnership between the two countries for the benefit of their own future and for the cohesion of Europe in general. The participating members of the club and a number of guests, who among them have special ties to Poland fully agreed with his view.