The Hanseatic League – An Economic Power with Assertiveness

In relation to the subject of "the Hanseatic League (Hanse) - Beginning of a Global Economic Diplomacy”, the members of History and Politics group were invited to the Nordic Embassies on 29 April 2019. The members of Embassies and Residences group were happy to have the opportunity to join the event.

The group met at Felleshus, the cultural center and event venue of the five Nordic Embassies and had a guided tour through the compound of the embassies. Minister Counsellor of the Royal Norwegian Embassy Tobias F. Svenningsen welcomed the group and made a brief introduction of the Hanseatic City of Bergen in Norway. The historian and sociologist from the Humboldt University, Urs Unkauf, completed the event with a comprehensive and interesting lecture on the history and the development of the Hanseatic League as well as its importance at present.