Visit to the Superior Court of Justice

History and Politics and the Unknown Berlin groups paid a visit to the Superior Court of Justice (the Kammergericht) on 8 November 2018. President Dr. Bernd Pickel warmly received the groups and gave a short introduction to the history of the court. It is the oldest existing court and probably the most famous one in Germany. The WIB members consisting of diplomatic guests and German members were impressed by the moving history. The court was first mentioned in a document in 1468 and thus it celebrates the 550th anniversary this year. Only in 1913 the court moved to its present building in Kleistpark where the visitors became aware of the exalted magnificence of the law.

In the past, the Kammergericht had many different functions. Not only it was the pioneer of the rule of law, it also served as the appellate court based in Berlin Palace, the state Supreme Court of Prussia and the higher regional court of the imperial capital. The People’s Court of Justice of the Nazi Regime held meetings in the plenary hall of the Kammergericht and so did the Allied Military Government in Germany from 1945. Günter von Drenkmann, the president of the Kammergericht during the division of Germany was the victim of terrorist atrocity.

Our special thanks to Ms. Annette Gabriel, Judge and Press Officer of the Kammergericht and Mr. Thomas Rau, Chairman of the Staff Council for the remarkable guided tour through the house.