Visiting Fine Art Foundry Noack

The Museum Group visited the fine art foundry Hermann Noack in Moabit on 16  February 2017. The family-owned company has been based in Berlin for four generations since 1897 and is known around the globe for its high-end craftsmanship. Nearly 100 years located in Friedenau, the company finally moved to Moabit  

Ms. Schmidt-Bleck, the head of the sculpture center and public relations welcomed us on a crisp winter in the new yard of the foundry. After a short introduction to the secrets of casting techniques, the group had the opportunity to see the casting process. 1200° C hot liquefied material was poured into the prepared molds. It was quite a sensational view. During our walk through the halls, we could watch and observe the work process, from the idea of the artist to the patination techniques.

The highlight for the visitors was the display of the golden Berliner bear which was the award to be presented at the Berlin Film Festival two days later.