Der Preis der Freiheit by Volker G Heinz

“Discover Berlin and its surroundings through literature" had an evening get-together at one of the group members’ home on 22 January 2018. The enthusiastic members came with their partners to listen to the personal story of Volker G. Heinz, a Berlin lawyer who helped the people from German Democratic Republic (East Germany) to flee their homeland in the mid sixties. He was a very young student then, was betrayed and sentenced to 14 years in prison. The Federal Republic of Germany bought him out of captivity after being placed in solitary confinement in Hohenschönhausen for ten months.

The lively discussions continued and centered around personal experiences of the attendees during the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall: the isolation of West-Berlin, the Allies, the international espionage, the escape and the escape facilitators, and the bug-infested offices.

Our sincere thanks to our kind hosts for their great hospitality!