Mori Ogai Memorial Site

„Discovering Berlin and its surrounding through literature” group met for the first time on 26 September 2017 in Mitte in the Mori Ogai memorial site. Ogai was one among the approximately 2500 Japanese sent to Europe at the end of the 18th century to study or conduct a research. Mori Ogai, born Mori Rintaro, became a true intermediary between the Japanese and German cultures. He translated German classic literature and later on became a writer himself. His very first novel, “The ballet dancer” was published at the age of 23 and displays personal memories.

Ms Wonde, the curator of the site since the GDR time guided us around the site with deep knowledge and love for Mori Ogai. It was our great honour to have the spouse of the Japanese Ambassador among us.

Group photo (left to right): Dr. Ilona Stölken, Helma Panneborg, Kazuko Gehrig, Dr. Annette Beer, the curator Mrs. Wonde, Maja v. Kittlitz, Mrs. Akiko Yagi (the spouse of the Ambassador of Japan), Amélie v. Stenglin  & Tone Korssund-Eichinger.