In Plüschgewittern

At the invitation of Almut Giesen, “Discovering Berlin through the writer’s eye“ group met on 25 November 2019 to talk about the debut novel of Wolfgang Herrndorf: In Plüschgewittern. Amélie von Stenglin presented a summary of the writer’s rather short biography, starting from his life as a painter to his fame as a writer before he died from brain tumor in 2013. The members found the parallels between the writer and the first person narrator captivating. Both observe the environment that never seems to understand the main character’s view about the world critically and sarcastically. It was narrated the main character in such a way that the group drifted through Berlin in late 90s or early 2000. Parties in old buildings and rooftops in Prenzlauer Berg that involved drugs, sex and non-commitment.

The members enjoyed the lively discussion on the character’s aimless wandering and his inner distance to the world.