Folk Beliefs and Practices

Our heartfelt thanks go to Mrs. Souhad Al-Dabbass, the spouse of the Ambassador of Iraq, who graciously hosted our meeting on 13th February 2018 in her residence.
The morning began with a short but very interesting video presentation on ancient and modern Iraq, accompanied by soothing Iraqi music where we learned about its culture and impressive monuments, the ancient cities of Babylon, Uruk and Aqar, and the modern Port of Basra.
Thereafter, we began our English conversations and discussions on folk beliefs and practices. Many traditional beliefs have been passed down from generation to generation and are still being observed by our members. Amusing, serious or unusual, there is often something rational behind the beliefs. These are our traditions, showing diversity and uniqueness.
After this continuous hour-long dialogue ‘around the world’, Souhad invited us to a lunch with delicious home-made Iraqi specialities. The attached photos reflect an enjoyable and informative morning spent together.