Greeting Customs around the World

Our meeting on 10 April 2017 focused on greeting customs and behaviour around the world. Knowing certain mannerisms and etiquette can help us adapt easier to a new environment, with a new posting in a new country.

Bowing and kneeling are respectful greeting gestures in Africa and Asia; putting one’s right hand over one’s heart conveys sincerity and respect in the Arabic countries. Gestures like a nod or a smile can say more than words. A lighter handshake to a firm handshake, a hug and a peck on both cheeks are practised in many countries.While in Europe, opening a gift in front of the giver shows appreciation and courtesy, it is however, considered impolite in the Arabic and Asian countries.

We take this opportunity to bid farewell to our group members, Beauty Chiti, Muna Mubarak and Rima Matulioniene, who will be leaving Berlin in May. Thank you, Beauty, Muna and Rima for sharing your precious time with us.

Our special thanks go to Souhad Al-Dabbass, spouse of the Ambassador of Iraq, who has so graciously arranged this meeting in the warmth of her Residence and has offered our members a traditional lunch.