Historical Places and places of interest

Mrs. Mona Mahmoud, the spouse of the Defense Attaché of the Egyptian Embassy, graciously hosted our meeting on 15 May 2017. Mona prepared a short video presentation on ancient and modern Egypt where we learned about its culture and impressive monuments, some dating 3000 BC and its places of interest.
Thereafter, we visually travelled to the great wonders of our participants’ countries, starting from South America to learn about Costa Rica’s cultural capital San José and its full commitment to renewable energy, to Peru’s ancient Inca ruins and Andes mountains, and to Colombia’s Playa Blanca beach near Cartagena with its powdery sand, palm trees and pristine water, then on to Africa to experience the excitement of Zambia’s Victoria Falls.

We arrived in Europe to view Iceland’s glaciers, volcanoes and hot springs; visit UK’s 1000 year old Tower of London which is the oldest palace, fortress and prison in Europe, and the German city of Lübeck with its famous Gate of Holsten built in 1478. We continued our visual journey to the Middle East. We arrived in Iraq’s city of Babylon, southwest of Baghdad dating 1770 to 1670 BC; in Bahrain’s A’ali ancient burial mounds which was unique in terms of the number and concentration, and in Oman’s Majlis al-Jinn Cave which is the second largest cave in the world with its water springs.

Our final destination was Asia to see Iran’s Persepolis of 5th century BC with its massive columns and former palaces; Turkmenistan’s ancient city ruins of Merv situated on the famous silk road dating 1100 BC, and Singapore’s Botanic Gardens which is the first UNESCO historical site with more than 10,000 species of flora and heritage trees.  
Linda and Rebekka thanked all the participants for their contribution to a very informative morning with delightful conversations.