German Conversation group enjoys Zoom-Meeting

On 10 February 2021, the members of the German Conversation group enjoyed their second Zoom-meeting since the lockdown restrictions have been put into place in Germany. They talked about the situations and the measures in their respective countries and focused on the theme of the session: „What are the positive effects of the lockdown during the Corona crisis?“

The group came up with quite a few findings. Due to the slower pace in their daily routine, one of the members took up sewing; another member finally found the time to practice the flute, an instrument she played frequently in previous times. A couple of members also mentioned that due to the home office condition, they were more flexible in their daily schedule and therefore spend more time with the families – which was very much appreciated. Having to communicate through virtual tools such as Zoom has also awoken interests about the digital learning trends, which was seen as another positive effect. Though only virtually, the group was happy to be able to meet again, update one another on life events and practice the German language. As soon as the weather condition permits, the group will organize a walk together.