Berlin Humor

What not to love about unpretentiously charming Berlin? But how to get along with its unfriendly, abrasive, inconsiderate residents and deal with the ‘Berliner Schnauze’? The group leaders of the Theater group, took their members to the Comedy Club Kookaburra on 26 January 2016 to see Karsten Kaie’s comedy show: How to Become a Berliner in One Hour.

Located in a trendy corner of Prenzlauer Berg, the Comedy Club Kookabura lists German comedians such as Kurt Krömer, Carolin Kebekus and Mirja Boes as the past performers there. As “How to Become a Berliner in One Hour” is conducted in English, it attracted many English-speaking members of the WIB Theater group. 21 members who came with their spouses and young children represented 12 different nationalities. They gathered in this small club and were all excited to learn the essential survival guide in getting around Berlin like a real Berliner. The space was a bit tight inside, but it was where that lively atmosphere occurred. Everyone was there to have fun.

With his witty gestures, Karsten Kaie explained the protocol for traveling on public transport in Berlin, the etiquette of browsing the shops, and how to navigate through the scenes in Berlin nightlife. He showed us what to do, or better, what not to do, if we want to look like a true Berliner and practiced the facial expressions that came with the Berliner Schnauze. It was hilarious! Roars of laughter constantly filled the room. Before the show ended, the comedian picked out our 2 members and asked them on the stage to demonstrate what they have learnt during the crash course. They were so comical that the audience giggled hysterically. Two new comedian stars have just been discovered. After the show, we walked out of the club feeling like a born-and-bred Berliner. We belong to Berlin: "Mir jeht’s rischtieh jeil…. ditt is knorke!"

Comedy Club Kookaburra Bar