Networking Workshop

As part of new series of the WIB group events, Dr. Stefanie Rau-Gerdts held a workshop on Networking on 19 January 2018. 35 participants from 30 countries attended the event which was hosted by the spouse of the Italian Ambassador, Monica Carco Benassi.

Berlin is a new place to almost all participants. The objective of the workshop was to overcome communication apprehension and to make connections in general. Since networking was presented as a social skill that everyone can learn, the interactive program focused on understanding social psychology and the techniques. The right attitude, body language and communicative techniques were discussed and practised during the coffee-break.

Dr. Rau-Gerdts defined small talk as the “yeast” of social relationships in any situation. The intercultural aspect of connecting and traditional manners led to a lively discussion among the participants.