Reiki & Sound Healing Workshop

Citadel Cruz, our member from the Philippines conducted our first workshop: Reiki & Sound Healing at the Visitors Center of the Federal Foreign Office on 27 October 2017. The participating members brought the yoga mats, blankets and wore comfortable clothes. They also skipped the morning coffee in order to feel positive impacts of Reiki more effectively.

After the members introduced themselves and shared their goals for the session, Citadel explained many benefits of Reiki such as deep relaxation, reduce pain and tension and the balance between mind and emotions. She showed the various instruments which consisted of koshi chimes that are handmade of bamboo and "Kalimba" which is an African thumb music instrument, the metallic Tibetan bowls, the crystal singing bowls and the suede mallets.

We laid down on our yoga mats comfortably tucked in blankets and relaxed. Citadel played the singing bowls in a short sound meditation then started rolling the suede mallets around the bowl until the room filled with the sound waves and gentle vibrations. The profound sound was followed alternately by the koshi chimes and the akimba. She channeled the Reiki energy while orchestrating these instruments depending on which she was intuitively called to use. The pure therapeutic sound and healing frequencies from the union of these instruments brought us to an 'in and out' meditative stage. Few members even fell asleep throughout the entire one hour session.

Citadel ‘woke us up’ gently by asking us to wriggle our toes and fingers. We stayed relaxed for a few more minutes, got up slowly and took a meditation sitting position. We exchanged what we felt before and after the session. Despite various noise from outside the hall, we agreed that the sound therapy and Reiki could have a healing impact and induce deep relaxation. We thanked Citadel for this unique spiritual experience. The workshop ended with a cheerful group photo.