Invitation to the Ambassador of the Republic of Finland and his wife

On March 19th, 2024, H.E. Ambassador Kai Sauer and his wife Dr. Erika Sauer invited the "Embassies and Residences" group to their residence on Leipziger Platz.

Erika Sauer presented the history, culture and peculiarities of her country and linked these with her own experiences. Did you know that Finns drink the most coffee in the world? That the country experienced a major famine between 1866 and 1868 in which more than 15% of the population died? That expectant parents - provided that they have their antenatal check-ups - receive a baby box from the state, which is suitable for the baby to sleep in during the first few months and is filled with clothes and care products for the newborn. Finland is at the top in many areas, e.g. the happiness index. However, there are also challenges: an ageing society, climate change and labor shortages.

The evening ended with a wonderful Finnish buffet. Over delicious salads, fish, homemade bread and a glass of wine, we were able to have a stimulating exchange about Finland and their recipe for being at the top of the happiness index seven times.