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The Activity Groups - The Pillar of the Club

Around 70 active members plan and put together the program of events for the entire club season. Half of these members are the spouses of German diplomats who have the experience of living abroad and possess the knowledge of different cultural practices. The other half of the members are the permanent residents in Berlin whose contacts in various fields, politics and within the society are important and valuable. This unique combination is what what make our club special.

The club offers 25 activity groups and workshops with a wide range of interests such as languages, culture, politics and history, society, science and sport. We tailor our programs according to the wishes and interests of our members and implement new formats in these activities regularly. The members can participate in up to five regular activity groups in addition to the Jours Fixes, special events, all events organized by the Executive Board members and club trips.

In and Around Berlin

Entertainment and Sports

German Language

WiB International

Germany and Beyond