Celebrating the December’s traditions and customs

In Germany, December not only signifies the end of the year but also shows the meaning of togetherness when families, friends come together to celebrate Christmas. The Christmas tree is the prominent symbol of Christmas and our living room will be adorned with Christmas decorations. Surely that’s reason enough for the "German for Beginners" group to discuss this celebration with all traditions and customs in December. The chosen topics were: What is the typical routine on December 24? What is an Advent wreath? Christmas markets, Christmas dinner and Christmas cookies were additional fun topics during the group meeting. Singing a Christmas song together was also a part of the group activity.

Learning a language also means to experience a new culture. Therefore the members exchanged stories and experiences about the traditions and customs of New Year’s Eve and the first day of the new year in their respective countries. It was a great group meeting.

We wish everyone a happy new year with many beautiful moments and positive encounters!