Diversity Charter Germany – A Business Case

The co-founder and former Director of the German Diversity Charter, Aletta Countess von Hardenberg, was our special guest at the Federal Foreign Office on 13 June 2022. She led the association for 10 years and as managing director of the association, to keep delicate balance of interests in diversity as a topic in companies, public institutions and civil society was her main task. Prior to that, she was a director at Deutsche Bank and responsible for diversity management besides managing the interests of the stakeholders.   

Andrea Maiweg, one of the group leaders of Economy group moderated the event. The lively evening discussion covered the origins and missions of the Charter of Diversity and its main objectives: to promote the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity into Germany’s business culture in order to create prejudice-free working environment. It was explained in particular why the diversity is a business case. Constructive dissent is a fundamental element of diversity and inclusion that at the end leads to a win-win-situation for all. And yet, diversity remains a journey!