A visit to the Kyrgyz Embassy

The new group leaders of the Embassies and Residences group, held their first “world tour” event in the embassy of Kyrgystan on 30 March 2023. Kyrgystan is a small central Asian country, which is scenically located in the heart of Asia alongside the old Silk Road. Ambassador Omurbek Tekebaev gave an overview of the cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Germany followed by a short film showing the beauty of his country with its mountain steppes and forests, canyons and blue lakes, the gigantic glaciers and the tall alpines plains. Until today, the living in Kyrgyzstan still represents the nomadic culture. For most of the WiB members and guests, it was their first acquaintance with this beautiful country. At the end of his presentation, Ambassador Tekebaev warmly invited us to visit Kyrgyzstan in order to get a closer impression of the country and its people.

Ekaterina Kovtun of NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union) gave a presentation about the work of the organization and particularly highlighted the “snow leopard” joint project with Kyrgyzstan. NABU’s engagement for the global project to protect the most endangered big cat on earth started in Kyrgyzstan in 1999. Ten years ago, NABU initiated the project with the Kyrgyz government to unite all 12 countries, where these graceful mountain cats still live in the wild. Ms. Kovtun also guided us through the exhibition “Expedition Snow Leopard”, which is in a display at the embassy. The nice surprise of the evening was the wonderful concert of Elizaveta Dreyden (soprano singer), Svetlana Lundgren (piano) and Kanyshay Beyshembekova (violin).

The evening was completed with a buffet dinner with traditional Kyrgyz delicacies. In the name of all guests, we sincerely thank Ambassador Tekebaev and his spouse, Gemahlin, for the kind hospitality as well as the great effort of the embassy staff and their partners in order to make this event a special one.