On 10 June 2022, Madame Flavia Adib, the spouse of the ambassador of Lebanon, invited the members of the Embassies and Residences group to her beautiful residence. Flavia took us by the hand and explained the historic and cultural background of multifaceted Lebanon. Our heart goes out to this beautiful country that has risen as a phoenix from the ashes again and again. Flavia also spoke about the resilience, the strength, the courage and the positive energy that the women in the Lebanon have retained despite all of their difficulties – difficulties to survive, to raise children, to maintain the courage in order to start anew.

We are very grateful for this special introduction to a country that we often hear about but actually cannot relate to well. Thank you, Flavia! You have definitely changed that. After the impressive lecture we were then treated to a wonderful Lebanese buffet filled with the the tasty foods of Lebanon.