Polish-German relations

During his speech at the visitor center of the Federal Foreign Office on 15 March 2023, former German Ambassador to Poland, Rolf Nikel, presented a detailed analysis of the current state of Polish-German relations to the members of the “Politics and History” group. Based on his recently published book “Feinde, Fremde, Freunde - Polen und die Deutschen” (Enemies, Strangers, Friends - Poland and the Germans”), Ambassador Nikel defined the tensions between the two neighboring countries, which have been intensified since the outbreak of Russia's war against Ukraine.

He addressed the controversial issues such as Poland’s demand for monetary reparation or the debated issues by the major factions within the European Parliament concerning the rule of law. He remembered the tragic and hopeful times of the common history and shared his insights on how to improve the relationship in the future. After a Questions-and-Answers session, Ambassador Nikel continued the conversations with the WiB members over a glass of wine and some pretzels.

Tone Korssund- Eichinger and Olivia Nikel thanked the speaker warmly. They took the opportunity to inform the audience that their assignment as the group leaders of the “History and Politics” group had come to an end and announced their new position as the “Embassies and Residences” group.