Zeitenwende – Putin’s war and its consequences

During his speech at the German Federal Foreign Office on 14 December 2022, Germany’s former Ambassador to Russia, Rüdiger von Fritsch presented the members of Willkommen in Berlin a detailed analysis of Russia’s war against Ukraine. Based on his most recent book “Zeitenwende – Putin’s war and its consequences”, von Fritsch painted a picture of the present state of the war, explained the position of Russia and the West, shed a light on the policies of Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and the possibilities of an end to this armed conflict. After a captivating speech, von Fritsch answered a vast amount of questions from a highly interested audience.

The conversation continued while enjoying some drinks and snacks. The WiB Executive Board and the “History and Politics” group jointly organized the event and were thrilled about the great interest shown by the WiB members. One hearty thank-you to Ambassador von Fritsch for sharing his ideas and expertise in this actual world topic.