A guided tour in Dahlem on 10 March 2022

Many groundbreaking discoveries such as nuclear fission and scientific inventions, the first uranium reactor and the electron microscope, they were “born” in Berlin-Dahlem. From 1912 onwards Dahlem is not only a sophisticated suburb, but also a science district in the area of around Thielplatz. The first of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society’s institutes was established here and today it is called Max Planck Society. The new buildings had a state-of-the-art laboratory technology that is unique for their time and soon it attracted international renowned researchers such as Albert Einstein, Otto Hahn and Lise Meitner.

The group leaders of the Science, Research and Medicine group organized a 2-hour tour through the historical research campus for all club members. The tour began at the Harnack House, which was built in 1929 as a guest house. Following the footsteps of the numerous Nobel Prize winners, it led to milestones in the history of science. During the guided tour, Mr. Werner from the Max Planck Society explained the greatest inventions and discoveries vividly and told some anecdotes from the scientific world of the female and male protagonists. The research campus is also highly interesting from an architectural point of view.

The program ended with pleasant conversations and exchanges about scientific institutions in the countries of our diplomatic guests in a nearby coffee house.