The Bundesrat

On 10 March 2023, around 30 participants of the WiB 16 Federal States group visited the Bundesrat, the constitutional body of the Federal Republic of Germany which is responsible for representing all federal states. We were informed on short notice that the new Director of Bundesrat, State Secretary Dr. Rettler, was unable to greet the WiB members personally. However, we had a comprehensive explanation of the historical 120-year-old building on Leipziger Straße from a very competent guide. Not only we could admire the modern plenary hall from the visitors' gallery, we were also given the opportunity to stand behind the speaker's podium and pretend to be one.

Depending on the number of inhabitants, a federal state is represented by 3-6 voting members. Currently there are 69 voting members in total. Germany has three city-states: Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg. This year, Hamburg's First Mayor is the President of the Bundesrat. Therefore the house presents an exhibition of the honorary citizen of Hamburg, famous singer and artist, Udo Lindenberg. The tour concluded with a walk through the impressive old foyer where the amazing art installation by Rebecca Horn is mounted above the ceiling.