Visit to the Brandenburg Parliament in the Potsdam City Palace

The visit to the Brandenburg State Parliament in Potsdam was actually on the agenda of the group event in December 2021. It finally took place on 10 May 2022. The members of the 16 Federal States gathered at the so called “flag staircase” facing Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. However, one will look in vain for a flagpole. Instead, one will see the standing gilded angel figures on the staircase. In former time, these chubby male child figures holding musical instruments in their hands framing the staircase where the flag-carrying soldiers coming up from the parade ground.

We walked around the building to the Old Market Square to the entrance at the Fortuna portal. In 1999 the entire reconstruction of the palace in exact replica began. In 2014, the reconstruction of the Brandenburg State Parliament was largely completed. The chairman of the Potsdam City Palace Association, Dr. Kuke, gave a lengthy explaination about this period of reconstruction and showed us the hidden details. He also  told stories about the mythological sculpture figures that are still preserved and the installation of these decorative sculptures which is the remaining task of the City Palace Association.

Punctually at noon we were warmly welcomed by the President of the State Parliament, Prof. Dr. Liedtke, with a glass of sparkling wine and led into the wonderfully bright plenary hall. Like the whole interior of the building, the Dresden architect, Peter Kulka, created the hall in modern design and set the decoration with a touch of the Brandenburg’s red and white colors. The historic facade and the (expensive) copper roof were donated by the SAP founder, Hasso Plattner. After an interesting guided tour to the terrace with the great view of Potsdam (in German and English), the members took a glimpse into the offices and meeting rooms of the members of the parliament and listened to amusing anecdotes of the daily routine in the state parliament. We walked across the completely reconstructed Old Market and finished the excursion in the terrace of a café.