In and Around Berlin

Exploring Berlin and surroundings: museums, galleries, design, palaces, parks, architecture, the unknown Berlin.

Dr. Sabine Bierwirth, Susanne Christians, Astrid von Deichmann, Helen Eichhorn, Julia Enzweiler, Almut Giesen, Susan Gross, Maren Hoeppner, Susanne von der Osten-Sacken, Christer Siegers

We help with practical information to find your way around Berlin and to get to know surprising and interesting details of the city in guided walks.

Excursions to the different quarters of Berlin are planned, also according to the wishes of the participants. Current exhibitions and museums in and around Berlin will be visited. Guided tours will take place if there is sufficient participation.

There will also be walks on architecture and urban planning .

On the subject of design, there will be visits to studios as well as exhibitions in the fields of fashion, jewelry, glass, porcelain, furniture, etc., and discussions with designers.

There are visits to public and private palaces, parks and villas.