A stroll around the green

The Castles-Villas-Parks group initiated the first club activity of the new club year.  On 7 October 2021, the group met in front of Glienicke Palace on the southwestern outskirts of Berlin. One of the group leaders, Susanne von der Osten-Sacken, took the members for a stroll around the park and guided them through various buildings such as “das Stipadium” and the Casino. During the short breaks, she pointed out fine architectural styles and the interesting sight line that show the glory of the great garden architect Peter Joseph Lenné. Afterwards, the group solemnly crossed the Glienicke Bridge in commemoration of the German Unity Day on 3 October.

The group ended the walk with some snacks at Kongnaes restaurant, the newly restored old imperial pier on Potsdam's side of the Havel, which was designed in the Norwegian dragon style during that era.