The architecture group celebrates its anniversary

The WiB Architecture group organizes many walking tours to observe the buildings and architectural development in Berlin since 2007. Since 10 years, the well-known architect and author Ulf Meyer has taken the WiB members to a discovery of the hidden treasures of Berlin's architecture. After a two-years break due to the pandemic, the group will start their fun activities for the WiB new club year 2022/2023 with a new enthusiasm.

One of the tours planned for this club year is a tour through the new Mediaspree area, not far from the East Side Gallery. The WIB members will have the opportunity to explore a very current example of Berlin's urban development. The still under construction Zalando Group and the Amazon skyscraper are the additional elements why the district becomes popular and a more exciting place to spend time. It shows Berlin's importance as an innovative and economically significant media location.

15th anniversary of the Architecture group

The anniversary of the group is the occasion to start the group activities with a new name and a new program. We will relive the the spirit of renaissance and discover the beginning of the neoclassical architecture. The first architecture walk in the new club year 2022/2023 will not lead us to the antiquity but to the early 19th century and the classicism. It will take us chronologically through the architectural and urban historical development of Berlin. Not only we want to introduce the Berlin architecture to the members who are new in the city, but we want to take our long-established "Berliners" to go back in time and recall the origins of the architectural development of the city, then continue our trip of time to the modern age with the contemporary building. As Berlin is a vibrant city that does not stay still for a moment and undergo changes constantly, architect Ulf Meyer always keeps an eye on the highlights and current innovations for us.

"Architecture to go" - the new name conveys the idea of walking tours. Therefore a pair of comfortable shoes is recommended. However, don’t let the idea of a long walk deter you from joining the group. Some breaks during the tours are always possible. After the tours, we will have a fun get-together for coffee or lunch. It is a great opportunity to exchange ideas and get to know each other. The registration for the group takes place during the opening of the WIB new club year and the members will receive the full information of the program in the invitations for the tours. Looking forward to welcoming many new members to our “Architecture to go”!