Culinary coffee indulgence meets tradition

The Sunday afternoon coffee and cake tradition originated during the 17th century, when the first coffee house "Zum Arabischen Coffee Baum" opened its doors in Leipzig. Since then the tradition found its way to Berlin, quickly spread throughout Germany and beyond its borders. In the meantime, having coffee and cake on Sundays has become a leisurely afternoon ritual, especially among the Berlin's bourgeoisie. Not only in Europe, but also in the United States. April 7 is celebrated as “the National Coffee Cake Day" when the cakes originated from Germany such as the famous Black Forest cake, are served.

As the name indicated, the Berliner Kaffeerösterei is the Berlin based and a third-generation family coffee roastery. In 1999, it opened its first shop and welcome their first customers in the German capital. Today, the business has expanded in six locations in Berlin and their coffee production is also available in large supermarkets. This is one of the amazing success stories, especially since they outlived the crisis during pandemic.

Celebrating the afternoon coffee tradition, the Unknown Berlin group took their members to visit the first Berliner Kaffeerösterei in Uhlandstraße on 22 May 2022. They listened to the introduction to many different varieties of coffee, tea and also chocolate with full enthusiasm. The next amusing program was the opportunity to sample delicious cakes from the in-house bakery and to learn how the taste of the cakes accentuated the unique flavor of the chosen beverages. The culinary journey was a real treat for the palate!