Transit Tripoli

On 25 November 2022, the Arab-German Cultural Exchange group invited the WiB members, their partners and friends to the premier of “Transit Tripolis”, a theatre performance adapted from Anna Segher's novel, Transit” and directed by Caroline Hatem. Among the guests present at Akademie der Künste were the Lebanese Ambassador H.E. Mustapha Adib, our WiB member, Flavia Adib and their family, and the Embassy staff.

Caroline Hatem, the Lebanese theater director, actress and dancer, has been teaching “Movement for Actors and Dance” at Lebanese University's Faculty of Fine Arts since 2015. Setting the play in Lebanon, where the refugees flow from Syria, the theatre adaptation reflects the situation in Marseille in the 1940s. In collaboration with the artists from Lebanon and Syria, she translated Seghers' texts into Arabic and impressively brought the present context to the stage by actor Josef Akiki and dramaturg Bassel Shalgheen. Through the artistic staging and digital scenography combined with the interplay of music and dance, the audience followed the actor in the streets and cafes in Tripoli in anguish at fleeing for freedom and the emigration issues that occurred there.