Film and Movie Experiences

One of the best things to do in Berlin during this time of year is to watch movies and films. The theme for our February meeting was perfect; we were inspired by the Berlin International Film Festival where both international and German films made their presence felt.
Mrs. Alev Kara, the spouse of the Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, kindly received us at her Residence on 22 February 2023. She presented a documentary about the history of the UAE, its people and traditions, and gave an insight into the UAE film industry. In the 1960s, radio and television broadcasting was concentrated in Egypt and Lebanon. In the 1970s, the UAE launched independent broadcasting services. By 1980, feature films were broadcast on national television. From 2000 onwards, UAE steadily developed into a modern and dynamic film location for the region. We were particularly pleased to see Emirati short films and documentaries by two well-known filmmakers Nayla Al Khaja (The Neighbour) and Amal Al-Agroobi (Climb of Hope and The Brain That Sings).
We recognize the enormous contributions of filmmakers around the world. During our discussions, several movies and films were mentioned. “The Bride” underlines the crime of genocide in Rwanda and raises awareness of the problem of forced marriage. “A Separation” is an award-winning Iranian family drama film with an open end. “Stitches” from Serbia tackles social issues realistically and courageously. “Honeyland“, an award-winning docufilm from Macedonia, reflects on environmental issues. The artistic achievement of the Kazakh cinematographer during the filming of “Harmony Lessons” should be mentioned. “Goodbye Lenin” is a German film set in the ‘90s after the fall of the Berlin Wall. At this year’s Berlinale, Finnish films have been well received. At the time of writing, the French documentary film ’On the Adamant’ has won the Golden Bear.
We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Alev for creating a platform for us to meet and explore the power of the art of films!