The importance of sustainable tourism in the world

Traveling is back and its intensity increases with each holiday season. Looking ahead to the upcoming summer vacations, the English Conversation Group met on 12 May 2023 to focus on the importance of sustainable tourism in the world, with the Republic of Rwanda serving as an inspiring example.
Mrs. Jeanne A. Ndatirwa, the spouse of the Ambassador of Rwanda, presented a comprehensive video highlighting Rwanda’s enormous initiatives and successful efforts since 1994 to maintain a functional tourism industry with the local communities and tourists in mind and an efficient economy with businesses in view, while protecting the environment, natural resources and wildlife.
The subsequent discussions among our participants confirmed that tourism is an important economic sector for most countries, with an increasing trend towards socially responsible travel, especially in light of global climate change, environmental protection and limited water supply.
After an hour and a half of intense exchange of thoughts and experiences, we were treated to a delicious Rwandan lunch prepared with finesse and charm. Thank you, Jeanne, for your very warm hospitality and generous support of our group. Murakoze!