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Advisory board

According to its statute the Advisory Board is in addition to the Executive Board and the Annual General Meeting an institution of “Willkommen in Berlin”. It consists of the eight members of the Executive Board and a representative of each of the regions:

African countries, Arab countries, Asia Pacific region, EU Member States & North and South European countries, Central Asian Countries & East and Southeast European Non-EU-Countries, Latin America & the Caribbean as well as North America.

In the regional groups the spouses of the ambassadors of these regions are organizing themselves. The Advisory Board was established to support the exchange of ideas and positive dialogue between the “Willkommen in Berlin” Executive Board and the diplomats in Berlin. Currently, three Advisory Board meetings are taking place per year.

Jeanne Ndatirwa

– representing African countries

Stefania Stefanelli Mattiolo

– representing EU & North & south European Countries

Maria Teresa Tobar

– representing Latin America & Caribbean

Reem Al-Sharrah

– representing Arab countries

Mahym Atayeva

– representing Central Asian & East and Southeast European Non-EU-countries

Elizabeth Bay

– representing Asia Pacific region