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The Advisory Board

Under the current statutes, the Advisory Board is a WiB body that assists the Executive Board, provides advice and guidance. Through Advisory Board, not only the club maintains the regular contact with the diplomats and their partners, it also receives information regarding the interests and wishes of the club members. The Advisory Board is composed of six representatives of the  regional groups which are divided as follows: African countries, Arab countries, the Asia Pacific region, EU & Northern and Southern European countries, Central Asian countries & Eastern and Southeastern European Non-EU countries, Latin America & the Carribbean.

The Advisory Board meetings are conducted three times a year. The club’s agenda is presented by the Executive Board and the Advisory Board members inform their activities within the regional groups, offer suggestions and share the opinions of their members. They discuss various topics and details, make plan together and coordinate. Ideas are exchanged in an open and friendly athmosphere. The Advisory Board also serves as a forum to facilitate their active participation in club’s life. This close cooperation ensures that WiB is always well-informed about the needs and concerns of the members.

Jeanne Ndatirwa

– representing African countries

Stefania Stefanelli Mattiolo

– representing EU & North & south European Countries

Maria Teresa Tobar

– representing Latin America & Caribbean

Reem Al-Sharrah

– representing Arab countries

Svitlana Melnyk

– representing Central Asian & East and Southeast European Non-EU-countries

Pauline Nesdale

– representing Asia Pacific region