Invitation to the residence of the Ambassador of Malta on 21.11.2023

On the evening of November 21, a grey and cold November day, Ambassador Dr. Giovanni Xuereb and Charlò Baldacchino opened their doors to the "Embassies and Residences" group. We were warmly welcomed by Olivia and Tone and the ambassador couple. In the beautiful residence, with candlelight and the scent of Christmas, we were enchanted by Maltese hospitality.

Ambassador Xuereb took us on a brief tour of Malta's impressive history and current political role, e.g. in the EU and UN. Antje Flauß, owner of AtelierGalerie Orange and organizer of nature and art trips to Malta, then showed us in her presentation the beauties and the many worthwhile travel destinations of this country, where the sun shines 300 days a year. Antje lived in Malta for 12 years and is still well connected in the art scene there.

The positive image of Malta was then perfectly complemented by a buffet with specialties and delicacies from the Maltese cuisine, wonderfully prepared and presented under the direction of Charlò.

What could be better on a cold November day in Berlin than exploring Malta on vacation, where even in winter the temperatures are a mild 12 to 15 degrees and nature is green and blooming? The lucky winner of a raffled flight with Air Malta is already very close to this destination...