Bazaar Berlin Tradefair

Numerous WIB members had registered for November 11th, 2023 to attend the traditionally held 'Bazaar Berlin’, one of the highlights in our event calendar.

Mrs. Esther Piehl, the project manager of the bazaar, warmly welcomed our international and cheerful group. She proudly reported that this year the 'Bazaar' is once again filling 5 halls and is enjoying great popularity among visitors. After a brief welcome in the foyer, we collectively visited the booth of Kazakhstan. The Tourism Office showcased an informational film on natural beauties and notable places, along with an exclusive fashion show.

Afterward, we split up, and everyone could indulge in the motto 'Shopping as if on vacation.' And indeed, after exploring the colorfully stocked halls, one felt like they had just returned from a short getaway.

Foto 1 and 2 copyright by the Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Federal Republic of Germany